National Insurance Benefit Coordinators (NIBC) is a national independent field marketing organization specializing in Health Insurance and Medicare senior products. As a Field Marketing Organization (FMO), NIBC has represented the top insurance companies in North America since 1989.

Why You Should Contract with NIBC

Thousands of people are turning 65 every day. You can generate substantial insurance commissions and renewals in the senior products industry. The longer you wait to get into this booming arena, the more business you will miss. Now is the time to become an insurance representative and start growing your insurance business.

Are you ready to take your insurance business to the next level?

Now is the time to add senior products to your portfolio! Baby Boomers are coming of age and Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplemental, and Prescription Drug Programs are in high demand. With NIBC, you can be sure that you will receive the most beneficial guidance, pricing, and service that we have to offer. Our rich portfolio of insurance products will help you grow your business fast. Get started today!